We offer a full service deli with sandwiches, hot soups and fried and grilled foods.

Fresh made pizza by the slice or the whole pie.

Breakfast sandwiches fresh to order.

Soft ice cream, sundaes and shakes.

Take out or eat in. Click here for our menu.

Beer, soda, snacks, candy, milk, toilet paper, and pet food.

Cigarette and tobacco products, lottery.

Even bait and tackle.

We have all your last minute needs covered.

Fill up quickly and safely from our new pumps. We carry gas, diesel and fuel oil.

Propane tank exchange by Blue Rhino.

Earn Points with Sunoco's Price Chopper AdvantEdge program.

EZ pass sales for the thruway.

Don't run dry - stop by!

As an official U-Haul rental site, with advance notice, you can rent a wide array of vehicles. Call us at (518) 294-6408.

Low on cash? Our ATM machine accepts most major networks.

Reinhardt Mini Mart offers competitive wages, a fun work environment and a flexible work schedule.
Full and Part-time positions
Day and Night
Weekday and Weekend
Benefits include:

  • Paid vacation
  • 401 (K)
  • Health insurance
  • Discounts on home heating products/propane